Dr. Natalia Battchikova

Our project intends to reveal in cyanobacteria novel regulatory pathways that are based on post-translational modifications. At present, we focus on Ser/Thr and Tyr protein phosphorylation and aim to i) discover novel protein phosphorylation sites, ii) study dynamics of protein phosphorylation events in response to various environmental stimuli, iii) assign links between phosphoproteins and corresponding kinases, and iv) find out how the phosphorylation signal is processed and reflected in intracellular changes. Phosphoproteins will be examined using innovative proteomics, molecular biology and genetic engineering methods. Exploration of a complicated network of the post-translational regulation and signaling will significantly expand our knowledge of fundamental processes occurring in blue-green alga, such as oxygenic photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, CO2 uptake, hydrogen production, cell differentiation, etc., and will help in design of novel synthetic bio-pathways for industrial purposes.