Next Generation Sequencing workshop and symposium

7-11 December 2015

Current Challenges 2015 - Next Generation Sequencing (592003) workshop and symposium 7-11.12. 2015.
Organiser: Dr. Jarkko Salojärvi


2nd SPPS Early Career PI (ECPI) meeting

23-24 November 2015

The second SPPS-ECPI network meeting will be held in Sigtuna, Sweden. In 2014, the Early-Career PIs of the CoE were establishing a Nordic Early-Career PI network to tighten the collaboration among "next generation" scientists working on photoautotrophic organisms, including prokaryotes, algae and plants in Scandinavia. The network affiliates with and is financially supported by the Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society (SPPS). Of the CoE Early-Career PIs, Michael Wrzaczek is a member, Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi an associate member and SPPS board representative, and Kirk Overmyer acts as a communication, outreach and social media officer in the SPPS-ECPI steering group. While promoting scientific excellence in both basic and applied sciences, the network aims to improve the competitiveness of Nordic plant scientists in the tightening competition for Scandinavian and European research funding.

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CoE meeting

16-17 November 2015

The next CoE will take place in Siuntion kylpylä, 16-17th of November 2015. For more information please contact Dr. Mikael Brosche or our coordinator Nina Lehtimäki.

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The winners of the BioFinland Pitching Competition

16 October 2015

The Finnish Bioindustries has organised the BioFinland Pitching Competition (16th of October 2015, Tieteiden talo, Helsinki) during the European Biotech Week (October 12-18, 2015). The aim of the competition was to encourage the students in the field of biosciences to take a more positive stand towards bio-based business and entrepreneurship.
The first prize was awarded to Martina Jokel and Gayathri Murukesan, the PhD students of the Bioenergy group of the University of Turku for their business idea on Algae Bio Compounds (ABC). More information


Woman in Science - Turku

2 June 2015

We are organising a "Women in Science" seminar on 2nd of June in Biocity, in the President auditorium. The seminar will cover many important aspects: What should be done to promote gender equality in science, and how to combine working life with motherhood etc. If you are interested pls register on time.

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